Sonia Curtis Acting Reel

Here is some more recent footage from my acting Reel. I am here to help you learn and grow as an artist by sharing with you techniques I have acquired throughout the years from working with my great teachers and working on various sets in film, theater and television. From the audition process to booking the role and working on set. I am here to help!

Sonia Curtis in Relentless Justice

Choosing "Construction" Over "Deconstruction"

I am eternally grateful for the many wonderful teachers and mentors I have had in my career. Larry Moss has impacted my life in numerous ways. After having the the privilege of studying directly with Larry for the past 10 years and watching countless hours of his teaching, one theme that always sticks out is "choose construction rather than deconstruction."

Artists are sensitive people. Artists have a lot to give and are usually sponge like. They feel greatly, are open and generous with their emotions, and usually more sensitive than most.

One of the problems with this sensitivity is sometimes they get overwhelmed with emotion. Life on life's terms can be daunting for creative people, but it can also be full of rich rewards. Many talented artists end up in the news after being arrested or dead from drug overdoses, alcohol abuse or other domestic issues. Sadly, these very sensitive and talented people succumbed to addictions or destruction rather than construction. It is important to have a creative outlet and to have a safe environment to grow with other artists.

Art needs encouragement and light to grow. Finding the joy in life is more profound than finding the sadness....I believe we find the joy by going through the sadness and accepting life on life's terms.

In Love, light and service,

Sonia Curtis